Jeff Welch

front-end developer

« MIT Scheduling

I led the design and UI development of multiple apps to manage department admin scheduling, including:

  • Classrooms: provide UI for main scheduling engine to request rooms for classes and events
  • QuickRoom: enable students to find available (unscheduled) rooms for private study
  • Subject Planning: enable department admins to set up subjects in each academic term

I helped to change the site architecture from server-side JSP to AngularJS, and switched to separate frontend and backend repositories that could be managed separately. This expedited frontend development enormously by preventing unnecessary and slow backend maven builds.

Classrooms browser featured a D3-generated calendar tool that displayed room occupancy in real time.

We started with AngularJs and migrated to React/Redux for later components. We also successfully tested polymer components as a potential cross-framework solution for component development.

Designer, prototyper and lead front-end developer
Skills/tools used
React/Redux, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Sketch/InVision for prototyping
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